The colors of opificio...

The color … what poetry! We are madly in love with the faded dusty-looking colors and we have studied, researched and wanted each shade of the Opificio dei Sogni palette starting from an emotion

In our colors you will find the BLU COLOMBA of the Parisian roofs, the CIPRIA of the centifolian roses in full bloom, the green of the velvety SALVIA, the delicate yellow of the sand and the more saturated one of the OCRA pigments of Provence, the TERRACOTTA of the Tuscan clays, the delicate color of fragrant PANE,
the BIANCO VINTAGE of the old furnishings, the ACQUAMARINA of Saturnia water and the intense MALVA of the last hydrangeas at the end of the summer … and much more.

Each color has a story, a stylistic path that led us to make it after endless tests until it came to be just what we had in mind, with that lived-in and fanè aspect given by garment dyeing and particular washes.

The most beautiful magic is that each fabric absorbs the color in a different way, therefore the shades of Opificio dei Sogni are declined in shades depending on whether they are velvet, linen, cotton, gauze or lace, giving delicious shades of color and texture to each garment.

Lose yourself in the palette of Opificio dei Sogni and choose your color by letting yourself be carried away by the emotion, the chromatic memories, the tonality you feel most yours, combine them freely and create your own poetry

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